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Waterfront companies Redpath Sugar, Pinewood Studios support Porter proposal

Posted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 12:00 pm
by JohnW
Waterfront companies Redpath Sugar, Pinewood Studios support Porter proposal

Over 500 waterfront residents sign petition in favour of jets, runway extension

TORONTO/March 4, 2014 – Over 500 local residents and major waterfront businesses have shown their support for an enhanced Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport as part of a revitalized mixed-use waterfront.

Redpath Sugar, Pinewood Toronto Studios, as well as a group of local residents, have made official submissions to Toronto City Council to express their support for Porter’s plans to add jet service from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. The proposal would add the quietest commercial jets in production, Bombardier’s CS100, to Porter’s fleet to support longer-range service to new destinations, including Vancouver, Winnipeg, Florida and California.

In an open letter to city councillors, more than 500 waterfront residents voiced their support for Porter’s proposal to fly quiet new jets from the airport. The letter points to Porter’s “positive contribution to our community since they began flying” and that “their growth is part of maintaining a vital waterfront,” while challenging assumptions by those opposed to the plan.

Leaders from prominent waterfront companies have highlighted the benefit of a direct connection between other creative centres and downtown Toronto to their industry.

“Reducing the commute and travel time between major film destinations, such as Toronto to Los Angeles, is an important consideration for film and television productions,” said Blake Steels, president of Pinewood Toronto Studios. “This convenient transportation connection provides an additional competitive advantage for our industry.”

“Having easy-to-access flights that serve major eastern U.S. markets is important to companies like Corus that are located in Toronto’s downtown core,” said John Cassaday, president and CEO of Corus Entertainment. “Porter’s proposal to extend their service with flights to western destinations like Los Angeles and Vancouver will provide enhanced travel opportunities and greater efficiencies for local businesses.”

Both local residents and businesses expressed support for the airport as part of a revitalized mixed-use waterfront.

“Our facility has been located on Queens Quay for over 50 years,” said Jonathan Bamberger, president of Redpath Sugar. “We believe that with good planning, we can have a successful waterfront with different uses. A mixed-use waterfront like Toronto’s with its schools, theatre, industry, television studios, hotels, condos and an airport only enhances what our city has to offer.”

Porter has proposed introducing jet aircraft at Billy Bishop Airport that meet strict existing noise limits. A runway extension of up to 200 metres into the water at each end will stay within the airport’s existing marine boundaries and not affect traditional boat traffic. More information and a complete copy of the waterfront residents’ letter is available at Porter Growth Plans – Porter Airlines.

“We appreciate the support of our neighbours in this effort to make a great airport even better for Toronto,” said Robert Deluce, president and CEO of Porter Airlines. “These opinions represent a diverse range of people who choose to live and work on the waterfront alongside a thriving airport. Everyone’s goal is to ensure that waterfront development, including the airport, happens in a balanced way.”