Take Two Theatre....Beau Jest....

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Take Two Theatre....Beau Jest....

Post #1 by Foto_Gal » Sun Nov 04, 2007 10:35 am

[b]TIMMINS NOV 1, 2, 3[/b]

Take Two Theatre in Timmins presented the play "Beau Jest" in a dinner theatre production hosted by the Dante Club this past weekend. "Beau Jest" is a romantic comedy about Sarah Goldman, a Jewish woman struggling to find the balance between pleasing her parents and following her own heart. Sarah is happily in love with her boyfriend Chris Kringle, but she feels she has to hide this from her family. Her parents are quite vocal about their desires for her to marry a nice Jewish boy. Sarah hires a man named Bob Schroeder from a local escort service to have him pretend he is her Jewish boyfriend at a family dinner. Unfortunately, the escort is not Jewish and acquired all his "Jewish knowledge" while performing in a tour of "Fiddler On The Roof". What was to be a one night only affair turns into a several "performances" as Bob endears himself to Sarah's family...and Sarah. The Dante Club served a traditional full course Italian dinner with this comedy.

What a lot of hard work goes into these productions, to say the least,

We went to this and it was enjoyed by all!!

Great job, guys,

til next time!!!:)
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