How Northern Ontario schools stack up

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How Northern Ontario schools stack up

Post by Riskynet » Mon Feb 10, 2014 10:20 am

Provincial Rank Overall Rating

Central Kirkland Lake 794 7.1 Public English

Don-Bosco Timmins 931 6.9 Catholic English

Le Coeur du Nord Kapuskasing 1449 6.2 Public French

André-Cary Kapuskasing 1530 6.1 Catholic French

English Central New Liskeard 1810 5.7 Catholic English

Nouveau Regard - Pavillon St-Joseph Cochrane 2023 5.4 Catholic French

Saint Patrick Cobalt 2073 5.3 Catholic English

St-Jude Porcupine 2127 5.2 Catholic French

W Earle Miller Timmins 2182 5.1 Public English

Assomption Kirkland Lake 2385 4.7 Catholic French

Bertha Shaw South Porcupine 2465 4.5 Public English

Englehart Englehart 2465 4.5 Public English

Haileybury Haileybury 2465 4.5 Public English

Sacred Heart Timmins 2543 4.3 Catholic English

Jacques-Cartier Kapuskasing 2543 4.3 Catholic French

Timmins Centennial Timmins 2543 4.3 Public English

New Liskeard New Liskeard 2609 4.1 Public English

Frank P Krznaric Whitney Porcupine 2695 3.8 Public English

Pinecrest Timmins 2723 3.7 Public English

Sts-Martyrs-Canadiens Iroquois Falls 2749 3.6 Catholic French

Federal Kirkland Lake 2855 3.0 Public English

Golden Avenue South Porcupine 2855 3.0 Public English

St Paul Timmins 2881 2.8 Catholic English

Lionel-Gauthier Timmins 2894 2.7 Public French

Cochrane Cochrane 2939 2.2 Public English

Iroquois Falls Iroquois Falls 2968 1.9 Public English

Joseph H Kennedy Matheson 2968 1.9 Public English

des Navigateurs Haileybury 3005 0.4 Public French

Schumacher Schumacher 3009 0.3 Public English

Not all the region’s elementary schools are included in the tables or the ranking. In some school districts that operate middle schools or junior high schools, the elementary schools may not enroll students in grade 6.

Since the Report Card is based on the results of tests given in grades 3 and 6, these elementary schools cannot be included. In addition, schools at which fewer than 10 students were enrolled in each of these grades are excluded.

Private schools and First Nations operated, federally funded schools are not required to administer the EQAO tests. Since the results of these tests form the basis for this Report Card, only those schools that administer the EQAO tests could be included. Finally,also excluded are schools that did not generate a sufficiently large set of student data to enable the calculation of an Overall rating out of 10.

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