Certarus Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) creating jobs

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Certarus Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) creating jobs

Post by Head Honcho » Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:38 am

Certarus, a fast growing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) company with strong roots in Western Canada, is
moving forward with a $54M multi-site investment in Northern Ontario to service off-grid industrial clients.

This expansion into the Ontario market will see new hubs developed in both Timmins and Red Rock and will
work to provide mines and mills with the option of a cleaner, more affordable alternative to diesel and
propane for heat and power generation.

In addition to the initial capital investment in the region, the new hubs will create 10-15 jobs during the
construction phase, 41 permanent full time jobs (25 in Timmins, 16 in Red Rock) as well as 5-10 seasonal jobs
during peak seasons once they operate at full capacity. Annual payroll for both sites, once fully operational, is
expected to be in the area of $3M.

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