Town of Kapuskasing Contributes $50,000 to Capital Campaign

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Town of Kapuskasing Contributes $50,000 to Capital Campaign

Post by Riskynet » Thu May 22, 2014 7:25 am

TADH Provided More than 4,000 Services to Kapuskasing Citizens in 2013-14

Timmins, ON – Kapuskasing lived up to its motto, The Model Town of the North, by taking the lead and being the first community in our District to make a contribution to the Timmins and District Hospital Foundation’s 2013-2016 Capital Campaign – Building for tomorrow’s healthcare today.

Mayor Alan Spacek attended the 16th Annual Days Inn Spring Ball on Saturday, May 3, 2014 and made a $50,000 cheque presentation on behalf of the Town of Kapuskasing. Accepting the cheque on behalf of the Timmins and District Hospital
was Jean-Paul Aubé, 2013-2016 Capital Campaign Chairperson.

It’s been said that TADH is a big city hospital in a rural setting. Our dedicated staff is proud to provide the quality of care normally expected in a large urban centre. But to continue to offer such excellent care, we must have the active financial support of our communities.

“As the only hospital within 300 km providing high level care in many areas, families in the communities surrounding Timmins have come to increasingly rely on our advanced diagnostic capabilities, surgery, physician specialists, and other services,” stated Jean-Paul Aubé, Campaign Chair. “Referrals continue to multiply from outlying areas and vary from high risk pregnancies to mental health and chronic care,” continued Mr. Aubé. “This remarkable contribution from the Town of
Kapuskasing is the first of what we hope will be many donations from the communities we serve,” added Aubé.

In 2013-2014, the Timmins and District Hospital provided the following services to the 8196 residents of Kapuskasing:

Surgical Day Care – 396
Emergency Visits – 149
Acute (Inpatient) – 127
Diagnostic Imaging Exams – 3553

“Council reviewed the statistical data pertaining to use of the facilities by Kapuskasing residents which indicated that well over 4,000 of our residents benefitted from emergency, surgical, acute and diagnostic imaging care,” stated Alan Spacek, Mayor of Kapuskasing. “The healthcare of our residents is of primary concern as it the ability to deliver such care with dignity and respect,” added Spacek.

“We are truly grateful to the Town of Kapuskasing for their dedication towards providing the best healthcare for the people who choose to call Kapuskasing their home,” stated Janna Cook, TADH Foundation Executive Director. “This donation proves, yet again, the true spirit of northerners and is an excellent indicator of this northern town’s commitment to our mission of building for tomorrow’s healthcare today,” added Cook.

From the James Bay coast to Engleheart, from Hearst to Kirkland Lake, Timmins and District Hospital is the beating heart of a vast, beautiful and vibrant region.

We save lives. We alleviate suffering. We provide compassionate, bilingual care during some of the most pivotal moments in people’s lives. We deliver the next generation of Northerners. We teach our next generation of medical professionals. We inject $90 million a year, mostly through wages and benefits for more than 800 employees, into our region’s economy. Most importantly, we offer hope.

We hold the well-being of over 115,000 people in our hands…and they, in turn, hold our fate in theirs.

As the largest hospital in Northeast Ontario, TADH is poised on the brink of a new era in healthcare for this region. To meet the growing and changing needs of the families we serve, the facilities and equipment of our hospital must be renewed. Not years from now, but now. Outdated, cramped, with an aging building and obsolete equipment, TADH is long past due for a revitalization that will enable us to take our District’s healthcare into the 21st century.

Town of Kapuskasing Contributes $50,000 to Capital Campaign | Timmins TodayTimmins Today

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