Thinking of running for city council?

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Thinking of running for city council?

Post by Head Honcho » Tue May 01, 2018 9:53 am

While the municipal election isn’t until the fall, people interested in a seat at the council table can start filing their nomination papers tomorrow.

The nomination period for the 2018 municipal election is May 1 to July 27.

“We do have a candidate’s guide and package prepared for anybody who’s thinking about running or interested about running, they can come out, pick up a copy of it. It outlines all the information and key dates, things like that, that they need to be aware of and also talks about some of their responsibilities and things that they need to do,” said Timmins clerk Steph Palmateer.

Here are important pieces of information to know if you’re considering running:

What positions are available

In Timmins, there are nine seats at the table. The mayor is elected at large, with everyone getting to a cast a ballot. One councillor is elected for wards one (Mountjoy), two (South Porcupine), three (Schumacher) and four (Porcupine), while ward five is represented by four councillors. You can look at the ward maps here. School board trustee positions will also be filled, with representatives needed for the French and English public public boards, as well as the French and English Catholic boards.

Who can run

“If you’re…Canadian, 18 years of age and living within the municipality or a landowner within the municipality you can run,” said Palmateer.

According to the candidates' guide, those not eligible are: someone who isn’t eligible to vote in the municipality, a municipal employee who hasn’t taken an unpaid leave of absence, a judge of any court, an MP, MPP or senator, and an inmate serving a sentence in a penal or correctional institution.

What ward can you run in

“The Election Act is pretty clear on that, so you can live anywhere. As long as you live in the municipality, you can run in any ward that you want, keeping in mind that only voters who live in that ward get to vote for their councillor from that ward. So if you live in ward five but want to run in ward four, only eligible voters in ward four get to vote for you,” Palmateer explained.

Election Act changes

“New this election is candidates in Timmins must get 25 endorsement signatures from eligible voters here in the city when they file their nomination. They can only start raising campaign funds after they file their nomination, and they have to open a separate bank account for that purpose,” he said.

How much does it cost?

There is a nomination filing fee, and candidates will need to raise cash for their campaign as well.

The filing fee for the mayor’s seat is $200. For a councillor or school board trustee position the filing fee is $100.

“Plus we have a refundable election sign deposit fee of $200, you get that back after the campaign period and after all your signs have been removed from around the municipality,” he said.

Spending limits have also changed for this election.

“Your campaign maximum expense limits change based on the ward you’re running in and the office you’re for,” said Palmateer.

He explained that the maximum limits are based a fixed number, plus an allowance for the number of eligible voters.
The preliminary numbers for the maximum expenses are:

• Mayor, $32,541.85
• Ward 1, $9,756.60
• Ward 2, $6,927.80
• Ward 3, $6,297.95
• Ward 4, $7,873.85
• Ward 5, $19,338.65
• English public school board trustee, $18,736.85
• French public school board trustee, $5,982.60
• English Catholic school board trustee, $8,299.70
• French Catholic school board trustee, $12,103.45

Election day

Voters will head to the polls Oct. 22.

How long is the term?

Municipal terms are for four years. The term of office runs from Dec. 1. 2018 to Nov. 14, 2020.

Where to file nomination papers

Candidates can stop by city hall during regular business hours during the nomination period to file their papers.

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